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Ekoaarrekauppa Oy
Juvantie 41 (shop)
50170 Mikkeli
045-7873 5539
Peiponkuja 450170 Mikkeli (mail, invoices)
Business ID: 2942002-5

Purpose of the register:

The register is used by Ekoaarrekauppa Oy to process customer orders and archive order information. The information can also be used to develop the operations of Ekoaarrekauppa Oy. Personal data is processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

We process your personal information for customer relationship management, administration, and development. We need your personal information to carry out our services, such as the delivery and invoicing of your orders.

Information contained in the customer register

The customer register contains the following customer information:
Customer's first and last name
Email address
Postal address and postal code
Phone number, if provided
Order history
Connection log
Direct marketing authorizations and prohibitions
Marketing measures targeted at you and their use
Information about using other services, such as Product Reviews based on your purchase history

In addition to the personal information we collect from you as described above, we process your personal information when you shop on our website, even if you are not registered as a customer or logged in to our service. When you visit our website, we process your information as necessary using cookies and other similar technologies.

The registrar's website uses cookies to improve the user experience. A cookie is a text file that is stored on a user's computer when you visit a website. It contains information and is used e.g. marketing and website development. Cookies are used to collect information about the use of the pages. The user's identity is not revealed by cookies. The user can disable cookies in the browser settings. The registrar does not guarantee that the website will work properly after deleting cookies.

We need your personal information collected in connection with your orders to fulfill your orders. In addition, the processing of certain personal information, such as personal information related to complaints and direct marketing authorizations, is based on our legal obligations.

Disclosure and confidentiality of customer register information
The information in the register will not be disclosed or sold to third parties. The customer has the right to see his or her personal registration information upon written request. The request must be addressed to the company responsible for the customer register.

EU data protection regulation GDPR

Ekoaarrekauppa Oy does not disclose or sell any customer's information to third parties. Customer data is processed only by the registrar of the customer register or his deputy. The purchase is made via an encrypted connection and customer information is kept secure and encrypted.

Service provider

In our operations, we use third-party information systems to store and process data. In this case, we will ensure, among other things, through agreements that your information is treated confidentially and lawfully. We have contractually ensured that our personal data processing partner is committed to the protection of personal data also in relation to the actions of our own employees.

The service provider's privacy statement can be found here: ...

We may from time to time make changes to our privacy policies based on, for example, our own policies or changes in legislation and interpretation policies.

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